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What Shall We Call Our New Puppy?

Whether you all put a name in a hat and let Granny pick the winner, take my advice -

make sure you have a long think before you name your new puppy.

Let's be fair if you name him 'Oscar' the likelihood is half the dogs in the park are going be coming your way!

Also naming him Mister Theobard the Second is too much of a mouth full when you need your little darling to pay attention.

So think of something short, that captures your puppy's character. It might be an idea to put off naming him until you've had a chance to get to know him, then the right name will spring to mind.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

A dog is going to hear a name that ends with a vowel much easier due to the higher pitch. Name's like Hugo, Rory, Bruno, Bella and Molly make dogs pay far more attention.

Long names are a no-no, stick to two syllables then have a practise, see how it sounds. Remember you are going to be calling this name on a regular basis, especially when they wander off, Sir Stanley Sausage won't sound so amusing the fifth time around.

Dogs will need to learn commands, so stay away from names that rhyme with 'Stay, Here and Heal' to avoid any confusion. Obviously, if the cat's called 'Molly' don't name the dog 'Olly' neither will know which one you're calling, making life harder for yourself.

A top tip is: If you find your new addition via a rescue centre the chances of changing the name are minimal. The dog will already know their name and at such a confusing, stressful time it's the one constant in their life.

As tempting as it might be to buy the whole litter, puppies can be very demanding and time-consuming.

Meaning that you won't be able to leave them alone for hours in the beginning.

The best part is watching them develop and seeing how their personalities fit their name.

If you have a pedigree pup the chances are you will have to use your imagination as many of the normal names have been snapped up.

We've got a Ted, Tinkerbell, Moo Moo and Pickle, what are yours called?

Rae x

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